Well, this is about the worst thing I've ever read: police in New Mexico pulled some poor jerk over earlier this year, saw that he "appeared to be clutching his buttocks" and immediately assumed he had contraband jammed up his ass.

So they got a search warrant valid for one county, took him to a hospital in a county where the warrant WASN'T valid, had a physician x-ray him, probe his asshole digitally, forced him three times to take an enema, shit in front of them, stand by while they pawed through the stool, and then they fucking SEDATED THE GUY AND DID A FULL-BLOWN COLONOSCOPY AFTER YET ANOTHER X-RAY.

No drugs were found in this guy's butthole.

I blame the doctors, I blame the judge who issued the warrant, but most of all, I blame the fucking, fucking, fucking cops.

He's suing them now, obviously.